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Director, Author, and award-winning Screenwriter MoriEl Randolph writes family and faith-based content that's more dramatic than didactic. Her approach and style of writing add a fresh voice to both genres.

 MoriEl's passion is writing family and teen drama sprinkled with faith-based elements.  Though she enjoys writing screenplays for feature films, her love lies with writing episodic content.


She began writing in 2001 as a playwright. Moriel served as head writer for the performing arts organization Art for Growth for fifteen years. There, she developed her insight and talent for writing for younger audiences. 

In 2007, MoriEl wrote her first book for teens titled Feelings Come and Go. It was followed by five other Self-help works for both youth and adults.  

Her short film, "Impressions," was submitted to several faith-based film festivals and selected for viewing in the Inspired Faith, the Great Lakes Christian Faith, and Hollywood Divine.
She holds a B.S. in Cinematography, graduating as Valedictorian from Full Sail University, and a Master's Degree in Creative Writing.

With all that said, MoriEl Randolph is first and foremost, a disciple of Christ.  Though she's developed a creative and clever writing approach, she considers her work as part of a ministry to edify and enhance lives through memorable and emotion-driven stories.

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